Krista Deacon – Designated Broker

As Designated Broker of an amazing brokerage, I am committed to providing our agents with efficient sound resolutions and providing our clients with the highest level of real estate service and expertise. This is a constantly changing industry and it’s exciting to be a part of its evolution.

Alphabetized by first name

Kaleb Phelps
Cell: (208) 680-7417
Katherine Rhead
Cell: (208) 317-3171
Kaysha Landon
Cell: (208) 589-7026
Kealie Wallis
Cell: (208) 557-4390
Keara Harris
Cell: (702) 769-3867
Kelsey McNair
Cell: (208) 351-6338
Kenneth Jardine
Cell: (208) 681-6678
Kevin Thompson
Cell: (208) 390-9234
Kris Kirkham
Cell: (208) 221-1875
Kristal Herrick
Cell: (208) 840-9190